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As authors and translators, we have been working for more than three decades on qualified German-language texts, primarily on technical-scientific topics. Of course, we also provide technical and linguistic review, i.e. editing, proofreading, revision and updating of already existing texts or translations. As engineers, we are able to perform fact-checks of both English-language (translation) originals and German-language texts.

We translate from the source language English into the target language German. In doing so, we fulfill all wishes from target texts that are distinctly close to the original to translations that are technically oriented and true to the meaning. We also offer proofreading by a second expert.

Of course, we localize the target texts and adapt them to the requirements and standards of the German or Central European market. Above all, we take into account the conditions in the German-speaking countries, e.g. with regard to technical jargon, habits, units of measurement, standards, regulations and much more. 

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 • Creating texts for print media and/or the Internet
 • Translations English » German
    for a wide variety of applications
 • Considering terminology, defining terms
 • Desktop Publishing (DTP), design, layout,
    print-ready objects
 • Editing, also subject-related proofreading
 • Fact-checks
 • Subject-specific checking of texts and documents
 • Editing and updating existing texts

 Application examples

 • Catalogs, brochures, leaflets
 • User manuals, owner’s manuals
 • Operating instructions, instructions for use
 • Assembly instructions, online help, training material
 • Technical documentation
 • Product descriptions, functional descriptions
 • Press releases, product information
 • Books (also designed ready for print)
 • Articles for newspapers and magazines – also
    illustrated, designed and ready to print


 Work equipment

 • Microsoft Office
 • Adobe InDesign
 • Adobe Photoshop
 • Adobe Illustrator
 • Adobe Acrobat Pro
 • Adobe Dreamweaver
 • Computer Aided Translation (CAT)
 • Translations also in HTML and XML file format



 Fields of expertise
 Main focus

 – Technics
 • Photography, photo technology, cameras, accessories
 • Editing, storing, printing and projecting pictures;
    digital imaging
 • Video technology, film recording
 • Optical devices (such as binoculars, spotting scopes)
 • Consumer electronics, electrical engineering, electronics
 – Nature
 • Nature conservation, pomology


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